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NSI Industries WW-832 8.5 m Premium Medium Vinyl Electrical Tape

NSI Industries

It’s Warrior Time. We designed WarriorWrap Electrical Tape for electrical industry professionals, with leading adhesion, breaking strength and elasticity. Used for insulating, splicing or marking cables and wires on the jobsite.

  • Heavy Duty] WarriorWrap 832 beats the competition with an 8.5 mil heavy-duty thickness that delivers strength, elasticity and top breaking strength
  • [Extreme Durability] The PVC and rubber-based adhesive design gives WarriorWrap extreme resistance to weather, corrosion, abrasion and UV threats to endure any conditions
  • [Flame Retardant] WarriorWrap Heavy Duty knocks out any job with a max temperature of 220 degrees F (105 C), making it perfect for splicing or jacketing high voltage splices
  • [Better Stretch] The better the stretch, the better the seal, and WarriorWrap stretches 34% better than the competition to outperform whatever tape you’ve been carrying
  • [Range of Uses] Choose from 12 different colors and 3 grades of tape for any insulation, splicing or identification job in the demanding environments of electrical construction

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