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Coghlan's Collapsible Buckets 10 Liters


Coghlan's Collapsible Buckets are handy for all sorts of tasks at the campsite, or in the yard. Made of durable, food-safe TPR and PP plastics, these buckets can handle everything from collecting berries to carrying tools. With hanging holes on the rim and the ability to collapse to only a few inches, they are easy to store in tight places.
Recessed handle in the bottom of the bucket and spout on top to make pouring water easy.
Made with food-safe TPR and PP plastics.
Color: White/blue
2.6 US Gallon (10 L) capacity.
Dimensions: 13" (33 cm) diameter, 9.1" (23 cm) deep when expanded, 2.2' (5.5 cm) deep when collapsed.

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